Under the Stars

I got my friends all here and a cold case of beer
And I think tonight its gonna be clear
That I wanna go out, I wanna have fun
Because Iím on my vacation

We drove down today with the sun at our backs
Donít you know weíll cut no slack
When it comes to the scene and all the bars
Now we find weíre under the stars

I want to live here all year round
So I can roll my windows down
The finest girls that Iíve ever seen

Iím traveling now
and learning how
to live my life
under the stars

Iím really glad that I made this trip
All my problems I wonít miss
But I love this town, I like the vibe
I wish Miami was mine all mine

I wanna walk the strip and meet some girls
Then Iíll lie about my world
Tell them things that they wanna hear
Then Iíll make them buy me beer

© 2002 grounds for anything