- Listen to or download our songs here!

VaXtreme - Thanks to VaXtreme for using us their feature band.

SongMeanings - Get our lyrics here. [Thanks to Jenny Rutherford]

Zen City Radio - When it comes to rock these guys have much know how.

Life of the Common - These guys sound amazing and are gonna tear up JMU in the next few years

Triplerinse - A great band that also happens to be from Pheasant Run.

Astrophonics - We're really into the local music scene right now, and these guys are the reason why.

Sidewalk Closed - Another JMU band that kicks ass.

Liquid Solid - These guy are from DC and we think you will like them.

Mainstreet Bar and Grill - We play here a lot.

Primus Sucks - Not a whole lot of updates goin on but the Bull Board is always interesting.

The Offical Ninja Webpage - If you like ninjas check this out. If you don't like ninjas check this out. If you don't know whether you like ninjas or not, check this out.

The National Beer Pong League - A whole website dedicated to the greatest sport known to man.

Eddie's Homepage - Eddie doesn't really like his homepage and he hasn't worked on it in a ages, but there are some funny pictures of himself and Andrew there.