1.11.03 - Hey Hey. Just wanted to let you know GFA is back and we are gonna be rockin hard real soon. We've got a new 4 song demo almost completed and are going to start playing shows again like crazy, so check back as we will be updating the site frequently. I'll even make Mr. Marr update his corner. Lata.

11.13.02 - Hey whats up. Long time no rock. But we're back and we've got a show comming up Friday, Nov 22. It's a benefit concert for women's rights at a house somewhere off Cantrell. I'll post the address soon. Theres 4 other bands (such as the Matlock 4 and Luck be a Lady) so its bound to be a great show. So tell your friends and get your party on. Peace.

09.10.02 - I wanted to belatedly announce that GFA came in second at Mainstreet's Battle of the Bands. They actually tied for first with My Blue Pill, but the judges broke the tie by chosing My Blue Pill to be the winner and was awarded the $2000 prize money. I think that's awesome though! GFA had only been together six months as of the Final. A couple members just wanted to have fun and didn't care if they even won round one. Some people didn't think they'd even win round one. Tying for first place amongst a ton of other good bands is amazing. Keep on rockin fellaz. (-eddie)

09.04.02 - The show on the 11th will be a benefit concert where all proceeds will be donated to the September 11th Childrens Fund. Also playing are Life of the Common, Lyman, and Swallow Elizabeth. Come out and have a good time while supporting a good cause.


09.18.02 - New Pics Index page | 24 new pics "Mainstreet - various pics from 7.30.02 - 8.31.02" posted in Pics Page 02 | Previous shows and set lists also posted.

09.10.02 - Lyrics for Bluegrass, Under the Stars, Removing the Fences, and Barely Standing.

08.15.02 - Want to see Gilmore making love to a yak? Click here. Alright, so maybe its just the new corner. You should look at it anyway.

07.27.02 - Pics from 7.3.02 Battle of the Bands show & 3 Misc pics up. New Header up.

07.16.02 - Want Treats? Click here.

07.15.02 - 5 pics from the fabulous birthday party.

07.10.02 - 7 pics from the June 4th Mainstreet show.

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