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I would like to apologize in advance for the huge amount of grammatical errors and speeling mistakes. This computer has niether a spell check or a grammar check, and I am just too damn lazy to proofread.

Quotes of the week:
"Are you on the riding team?" - Brandon
"You are caught in my Luuuuuvvvvv Trap." - Anonymous

Alright, so it has been a really long time since I last posted a corner. I was busy, or lazy, your choice. Iíll just try to make this one extra special to make up for the last month.

First and foremost, I want to say thanks to the National Beer Pong League for linking to our site. Do you like to Drink? Do you often wonder, "Hey what can I do to make drinking even more enjoyable?" Well you have two choices; either enroll in an AA program, or go to The National Beer Pong League and let the games begin. Please remember GFA does not support AA, but they will kick your ass in a beer pong tourney.

Secondly, everyone that is reading this, this means both of you, have to come to the upcoming shows and represent for GFA. Without you, the fans, GFA would be nothing more than three guys and a ninja rocking out alone. Noone wants to see that so show your support, or they may cut off your heads without even caring.

Recently it has come to my attention that a member of the GFA extended family may or may not have suffered from food poisoning at my hands. Luisa I would like to offer my heartfelt apology for trying to kill you with a poorly grilled burger. It will never happen again. Anyone that would like to cook out with me this summer in Harrisonburg send me an e-mail, Remember she didnít die, so odds are niether will you.

Thank you for the third time in a row to Rachel and Jessica for letting us rock out at WXJM. They have no show this summer, but next fall they will be rocking your socks off on Sunday mornings from 10 AM to Noon. In a related side note Ė Lumpy Rocks!

It seems that Johnís plans with Slayer have fallen through, so GFA is stuck with him, err I mean WOO HOO! John is staying with the band. I really wish those guys from Pinky Swear would teach him to show some emotion. Pinky Swear may be the best band I have ever seen, scratch that, they are the best band I have ever seen. I only wish that GFA were up to thier standards so that they could play a show togethor. Wait a minute, what the fuck am I saying? Pinky Swear sucks! But they do get all the chicks.

Speaking of getting all the chicks, Eddie Diego has been worshipping this cute girl named Shannon for a while. He is about to lose his mind. Shannon, you need to stop playing all these games and show my boy some love. That was a Public Service Announcement brought to you by your friends at GFA.

The band really may have found a permanent drummer. Okay so he has both arms, and he is not on parole, but he does know almost every line from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. He can always lose an arm later in life. Again I am going to wait for the band to announce whether or not Butters is thier new drummer, but I think the guy is in there.

While Johnís chronic illness may have subsided, Brandonís chronic bad breathe has only gotten worse. When you come to the show on the 4th please offer him a breath mint. His breath has been causing problems in the 571 studios. However he is still mixing some funky shit up for the Kane Davies. Anyone that was at GFAís first show knows the Davies rock the house, and now thanks to Brandonís studio the world will soon know as well. Mr. Cook is rumored to be debating whether or not to pursue a career remixing and producing albums, if the Neptunes can do it so can he, right?

Andrew has fully recovered from the quacking, and is back on track with his ninja army. He would like to thank everyone who sent cards and flowers, but nobody did.

I am going to rap this up with the same call to arms that i used last time, although I recieved a few responses from the last one, I still need to build up the Bandit army. So here it is:

Other bands have armies or groups, why would you want to deprive GFA of this experience? OK, so its not really my idea, all the credit goes to Mr. Andrew Diego, but I am going to run with it. We, the fans of GFA, need to form an army the likes of which the world has never known before. An army of brothers and sisters united and fighting for a simple common goal, to grant GFA more exposure, and ease their ascent into super stardom. An army of youth, filled with enough blinding devotion that the laws of man no longer apply to them. An army of soccer hooligan-esqe escapades and adventures. An army that reguraly finds passed out college kids and tattoos the GFA logo across their forehead. Plus we will probably hand out fliers and the like. The GFA army will be known from this day forth as the GFA Bandits. If you want to become a member send me an e-mail Please put GFA in the title.

I bet you are questioning why you just wasted five minutes reading this.


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