03.19.02 - Grounds for Anything Homepage is born. *applause*

03.25.02 - People have been asking when will have an "Enter" link, and so many people have seen the site anyway, we might as well officially open it a little early. A few things will still be added (like a Links page and a link back to the main enter page), Lyrics and a few new songs still need to be added to the list, at least one downloadable Mp3 (we'll see how our storage space and badnwidth do), and a little bit here and there need tweaking. But here ya go. Enjoy!

03.28.02 - Tossed the entrance page to take you straight to content. Orange links saw a ghost and turned white. The gfa "logo" became a graphic for those of you lacking the font Tempus sans ITC. A Links page was added. John Marr gets his corner. A few other minor things.

03.29.02 - Redid the Pics section and Pics pop-ups.

04.29.02 - Flier and Set List for the Demo Release Party up.

05.01.02 - Six pics added from 4.27.02. Lyrics for "Goodbye Bridges" added.
Mailing list subscription form added (scroll to bottom). Link to "gfa_list" Yahoo Group added to Board page.

05.02.02 - Two Misc pics added.